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Cutting-edge software platforms and development for healthcare and digital health companies.

ProVoyanceTM specializes in custom software development platforms for healthcare and digital health, creating breakthrough, integrated tools for medical use. Using artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) technologies, the ProVoyance team transforms medical imaging and patient engagement into actionable tools with a singular mission: to minimize the invasive.  

Working together with medical professionals and organizations, we’re able to leverage our platform technologies to create custom solutions. Then we refine those solutions even further based on client feedback. At every step, the ProVoyance team is nimble, responsive, and collaborative. All our work is carefully developed to meet the FDA’s strict requirements—and lead to better outcomes for patients.

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ProVoyance solutions that are changing lives.

ProVoyance Shoulder:

Real-time 3D pre-operative planning software.

In partnership with Shoulder Innovations, we have developed advanced planning software for shoulder surgeons, which has received 510(K) clearance. The platform solution leverages AI/ML to build bone reconstructions from CT imaging, then presents a highly engaging, real-time 3D pre-operative planning platform to the surgeon. Through ProVoyance Shoulder, surgeons using the Shoulder Innovations InSetTM system can get the insights they need to clearly preview the surgical procedures they will perform, well in advance of the day of surgery.

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ProVoyant product image
ProVoyant product image

Gain clarity and insight:

ProVoyance Shoulder is about visualization.

ProVoyance allows surgeons to visualize and adjust all the details of a shoulder arthroplasty procedure that utilizes the Shoulder Innovations InSet implant system. Surgeons can completely plan a procedure down to the most minute details and have a clearly visualized preview of what they will face in the operating room.

ProVoyant product image

ProVoyance is not just for shoulders—it’s an adaptable preoperative planning platform.

While this technology was launched for shoulder procedures, we built ProVoyance as a platform. It was created to be abstracted to other anatomies and procedures where highly accurate and engaging visualizations are required. This approach makes it possible for surgeons of many different disciplines to take full advantage of what ProVoyance has to offer—lighting the way to fully understanding every patient’s individual case, long before procedures begin.

ProVoyance Patient Engagement and Virtual Clinic Platform:

Engagement and education for digital health consumers and providers.

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ProVoyance Patient Engagement Platform


Radiation-free screening and monitoring tool for scoliosis.

X-rays, the current screening and monitoring tool for scoliosis, expose millions of patients to dangerous, invasive radiation every year. More than a million of these patients are children.

NSite is working in partnership with the ProVoyance team to change this. Developed in collaboration with Dr. Michael Gardner at Stanford Medicine, this breakthrough medical software tool will allow healthcare providers to scan scoliosis patients with an ordinary consumer mobile device, such as a smartphone or tablet. A guided scanning process captures images which are stitched together to create an accurate 3D model. Then the software measures and tracks scoliosis metrics for the provider to review. And all without a single dose of radiation. (Currently under FDA review for approval as SaMD – Software as a Medical Device)

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